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General Care

Gouldians do best in larger flight cages. Placement of the cage should be in a secluded area away from activity and cold drafts. Full spectrum lighting should be provided. I use compact flourescent bulbs on digital timers. Supply fresh water daily, or every other day if using a water cleaner. I use "Sparkle".
Very Important: If you are using water tubes or water troughs, provide an open water dish for the first several days so birds can find water easily. Dehydration is the leading cause of new bird fatalities.

When introducing new birds to your existing flock, a quarantine period is recommended. Generally a week or two is enough. Observe the new birds for abnormal activity and start treating entire aviary for common health issues. Then introduce to aviary in the morning so they have time to adjust to their new environment.

Preventative medications should be given once a year, with a limited use of antibiotics. This is particularly necessary when keeping large numbers of birds or multiple species. I recommend the following products. They are easily dispensed in water and should be part of your quarantine procedure and yearly bird care routine. As always, read and understand each medicine before dispensing. Allow a break of about seven days in between each medicine.

Amoxitex - Broad spectrum antibiotic for non-chlamydial intestinal and respiratory bacterial infections.

CocciCARE - Prevents coccidiosis in all birds.

S76 - Treats airsac mites.

Tetratex - Broad spectrum antibiotic for primary and secondary Chlamydial bacteria infections.

Medistatin - For the prevention & treatment of Candida.

RonivetS - Treatment for Protozoal Diseases.

Worm Away - One dose avian wormer.

Probiotics - Used to re-establish normal gut flora after the use of antibiotics in birds.

Other Water Additives:

Vitalize - Provides needed body salts and glucose energy and is useful to birds being transported or relocated.

Sparkle - Use daily to keep drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic. Discontinue use while administering medications.

All these medications and other supplies available at: www.ladygouldianfinch.com

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