Welcome to The Finch Farm

How to Purchase

To inquire about available birds please email me at thefinchfarm@verizon.net. I will usually reply to your email within 24 hours. I breed twice a year so there are always birds becoming available. I sell only young birds under the age of one year. I will sell juvenile Gouldians to experienced Gouldian keepers. Visiting the Finch Farm is by appointment only. Please allow 48 hours between confirmation and pick-up. You are encouraged to bring your own cage to transport your new birds. However, I have carriers available for a small fee if needed. I do not reserve birds. I do not ship my birds. All sales are cash only.


Red Head Normal Gouldian - $40.00

Black Head Normal Gouldian - $40.00

Orange Head Normal Gouldian - $45.00

(White and Lilac Breast add $5.00)

Seagreen Gouldian - $60.00

Yellow Gouldian - $70.00

Blue Gouldian - $80.00

Silver Gouldian - $90.00

(White and Lilac Breast add $5.00)

Dilute Green Gouldian - $70.00

Pastel Blue Gouldian - $80.00

Pied Bengalese - $5.00

Self Bengalese - $10.00

Albino Bengalese - $20.00

Creamino Bengalese - $20.00

Pearl Bengalese - $20.00

(Frilled Mutations add $5.00 per mutation)

bird 1 bird 2 bird 3 bird 4 bird 5