Welcome to The Finch Farm

About The Finch Farm

My name is Brad Paxson. I am a hobbyist finch breeder located in South Eastern Pennsylvania. I started The Finch Farm in 2006 to offer healthy Gouldians at a low price. Today I breed Gouldians and hard to find Bengalese mutations. I promote healthy birds by introducing new genetic lines every year. I also preventively treat for many health concerns. To ensure low prices I charge only enough to cover my costs. The Finch Farm is truly a labor of love.

About The Birds

Sometimes called The Rainbow Finch, Gouldians are one of the most colorful birds on earth. Native to Australia these incredible little birds are endangered and today exist mainly in aviaries. This domesticated form comes in a variety of color mutations. Gouldians live to about 10 years old. They are a bit more challenging than some finches but are quite hardy when kept properly. I would recommend this species for slightly experienced to experienced bird keepers.

The Bengalese or Society finch is one of the easiest finches to keep. They come in a variety of color and frill mutations. They are excellent parents and foster parents. The Bengalese claims something no other finch can, it has never existed in a wild state anywhere on the planet. It is a completely man made finch, domesticated many centuries ago. Today the newest and rarest mutations are Pearl, Albino and Creamino. I am proud to offer all of these.

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